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What Zonah takes an immense pleasure in today, that is, for being a very successful, fulfilling, dynamic and an innovative organization, is all because of the relentless hard work and dedication of every member in our team who attain delight in what they do and are always on their toes to navigate new ideas, technologies and help each client to reach out for their goals.

Mr. Ali Azam (B. Tech), Managing Director
The man behind all the laurels, Mr. Azam graduated in Civil Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). Improvising on the vast expertise of planning, design and implementation of large residential, commercial and infrastructure projects acquired while working in the Middle East, he established Zonah. He believes in marking customers' demands as his highest priority. Observing and implementing new ideas in order to expand the organization worldwide and providing a quality living to the global community is what he has geared up Zonah for.

Mr. Hasan Azam (BBA), Director of Construction
Mr. Hasan Azam graduated in Business Administration from University of Exeter, England. His punctual and dedicated nature, facilitated by an international exposure to innovative technology and methodologies, assist the organization in delivering competence. He oversees the projects right from its scratch to the completion.

Mr. Ameen Farooq (Masters in Business Management), Head of Marketing
Mr. Ameen Farooq holds Master's in Business Process Management from University in California, San Jose. His strive for creativity and ease at communicating ideas make him a highly accessible person. He believes in working around the clock to cater nothing but the best in order to showcase the company's potential to the world.

Mr. Osama Azam (B.Com), Business Development Manager
Mr. Osama Azam's firm principles based on commitment and perfection are instrumental in the top quality performance of the company.

Mr. Zain Azam (B.E), Project Manager
Mr. Zain Azam graduated in Engineering from Leeds University, England. He supervises the construction projects with utmost zest and focus. His flair for technology and adventure resulted in the inception of Zonah Entertainment in India, the first of a kind in the business of entertainment based on technology. He believes that entrepreneurs constitute an integral role in the progress towards future and envisions on creating value based entertainment.

Mr. Raeed Farooq (MBA), Project Manager
Mr. Raeed Farooq's ability to be persistent and punctual invigorates the organization to complete all the assignments on time.

Mr. A. Vivek, Project Manager
Mr. Vivek supervises the projects and guarantees that all of them are done systematically.